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Primeval: New World Ramble

As a fan of the Primeval UK tv series, I was one of the folks excited to learn of the Primeval: New World tv series when it started up. Like everyone else, I was a little disappointed how the 13-episode season run of Primeval: New World went, but...

Last night, Space in Canada finished re-airing the series again, with the 2-part "The Sound of Thunder" airing. And when it was over, I thought to myself, "Damn, what a shame that this series got dumped by the network and didn't make it to a second series!"

The two-part storyline that wrapped up the first season of Primeval: New World brought so many plot lines and story threads together, wrapped up a central arc that has played out to such a lesser degree for the most part during the course of the 13 episodes, raised a whole series of new questions, and ended on a cliffhanger that deserved, nay *screamed* for a resolution in a second series. Of course, by that time, it was too late. The series had gone the way of the proverbial dodo (minus the parasites, of course), as lacklustre and inconsistent plotting (with the exception of several notable episodes), poor/weak characterisation (again with exceptions), a lack of continuity from episode to episode, a somewhat weak and poorly executed basic framework, and a lack of the Primeval *feel* brought low ratings to the series and eventually led the powers-that-be to cancel the show.

And yet several episodes, such as "The New World", "Undone", "Breakthrough", and the two-part "The Sound of Thunder" showed that the series had potential, that it had a group of writers who knew what they were doing, and that the series reached its potential. But it took 13 episodes to do that, instead of the three or so that it should have taken to reel in a good-sized audience, and by the time that stories that showed the true potential of this spin-off series aired, it was too late and the decision to axe the show had been made.

Re-watching the two-part "The Sound of Thunder" last night on Space brought home to me how badly I want to see a second season of the show. If not that, a made for tv movie. All the unresolved questions that were left hanging - the changes to the timeline that were obviously made due to the actions of various personnel in the final 15 minutes of the episode, what happend to Howard Kanan back in "Breakthrough"... What happened to Mac, and is his story done?... These need to be answered in some fashion or other. And after watching those two episodes again, I feel cheated, I feel annoyed that the series didn't get more of a chance by the folks who brought it to our screeens, and I'm really sad that we'll never know what happened and how the story would continue.

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