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This Afternoon's Primeval Game Session

The Sunday afternoon players have just left my place, about ten minutes ago.

As per the plan, I continued to run the Primeval RPG campaign on Tammy and spross for the Sunday, and the game went remarkably well.

There wasn't a good deal of action in this one at all, as the player characters were dealing with some of the ramifications of things from last session, and getting a few truths and their consequences into perspective. This was the second session in a row where a bit of troupe play was the order of the day, with the players splitting up and playing some of the non-player characters when their own characters were not involved in the sequences (a bit of preparation for setting the mood for the Rosemont Bay RPG, I guess!). Otherwise, the players had a good gaming session of it, other than spross have a bit of difficulty with his character motivation/personality, as is sometimes usual these days.

Next week should be an interesting session as there will be a modicum of action, methinks. :)
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