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Broadchurch Thoughts 7 (No Spoilers)

Just finished watching this evening's episode of Broadchurch on Showcase Canada.

This was the seventh, and penultimate, peisode of the series, and was a cracking good episode in so many ways. David Tennant was terrific in this episode as DI Alec Hardy, his acting this episode showing such a broad range. Olivia Colman did a bang up job as DS Ellie Miller in this one, taking centre stage in the investigation. The banter between Hardy and Miller this episode was full of emotion and all manner of different aspects of both characters got highlighted this episode as well.

Meanwhile, the plot twists and turns continued and had some lovely bits to them in this episode. Lots of revelations about various characters, some relationships, and character past histories came to the fore this time out, and shed a good deal on the Danny Latimer murder investigation. There were a couple of what I thought were notably clues about things, and my suspicion about who the killer is may well be right.

With this episode of Broadchurch, the series has only one more to go, and the story is as compelling as it has been to this point. While there was no cliffhanger in this episode, the tension and the haunting aetheriality and yet gritty elements of the story climbed immeasurably as they strain and reach for the crescendo that we should hopefully see in the final episode. I just hope the ending of the story isn't too filled with sensationalism, but judging from the way the story has been written and visualised so far, I don't think I have any worries on that score.

In any event, can't wait for tomorrow night's episode! :)
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