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The Tuesday So Far

Woke up pretty groggy this morning.

I watched a Broadchurch (the final episode of the eight-part series, so how could I not watch it?) and since it ran an extra 15 minutes or so and I then wrote up last night's blog entry, I didn't get to bed 'til after midnight. (Interesting side note about this: While lying in bed trying to fall asleep, I couldn't help but think that Broadchurch would work really well using the Cortex Plus Drama system that will be used for the Rosemont Bay forthcoming roleplaying game (see this post for more on the game).

Anyway, I got myself out of bed somehow, and trundled in to work. Another brutal, hot, muggy/humid day in the Ottawa valley, so I'm glad to be in the office. Had to go out for lunch, and I couldn't sit in an outdoor area as the weather is just seriously too uncomfortable for me. So, glad I'm back in the office now after lunch. Work today has been pretty quiet, as the boss is out of the office for the day with meetings, so I'm just getting on with the job that I'm doing right now.

When I get home this afternoon, I plan on doing a bit of game writing for stuff I've currently got on the go personally, and also want to finish the book by Tanith Lee I'm currently reading. Tonight has a new tv series airing on Showcase Canada called King and Maxwell which I've heard good things about, and it's got a lighter tone than some of the more serious stuff out there, so we'll see if I decide to watch it or maybe record it (ain't PVR grand?) for later.

Anyway, back to work.
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