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Hammer(Con) Time!

As mentioned in a couple of places in my blog, I've been considering going to HammerCon in Hamilton, Ontario this year. The convention is from November 1st to the 3rd at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hamilton.

I've been waffling a bit about this because of the 6-hour drive (in good weather conditions) and the possibility of lots of snow during that time period, but...

The plans are made and membership and hotel are booked. I'll be going down to Hamilton on the last day of October, and will be coming back on the fourth of November, and in between there will be three days of gaming convention. Granted that I've never been to Hamilton for HammerCon before (this is the fifth incarnation of the convention), but I'm quite looking forward to it as my only other gaming convention of 2013. I'm planning to run some Primeval RPG at the convention, and may also run a different game as well. Not sure yet.
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