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Here is the next session of the Primeval RPG campaign featuring the Friday night gaming group. This session dates back to January 4th, 2013. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Nineteenth Session
Thursday, July 5th, 2007

The adventure begins on a hot, bright Thursday in July. Amanda Tarrascon (Kathy), Harrison Williams (David), and Kathy Blaine are enjoying an early morning run through Chelton Park. The day is bright, and the three are talking about their lives in general. Kathy mentions that she's enjoyed jogging, the running being something she has taken up since her excursion to the London Zoo. As the three character laugh a bit, pausing for some water and a power bar, they hear the sound of some sort of animal from deeper in the parkland, to the left off the trail they are following. Amanda gives the worried Kathy a shrug, and the three immediately get ready to follow the trail.

David Bannister (Nick) and his fellow EMT, Christine Foster, are enjoying a morning off. Christine says that she's enjoying the training she's doing with the Home Office, but says that it's running their relationship a bit ragged. David says he understands, but tells her that it will all be fine once everything sorts itself out. Christine says she can't help but wonder whether it will, but David remains positive. He prepares to head to the Home Office for the day and see what new and strange animals he'll have have to deal with today. Christine shrugs, as if suddenly chilled, but she warms up as David kisses her before he leaves.

At the Home Office, Captain Alexander Taylor (Tom) is pleased to see Jenny Hansford (Joanne). She tells the SAS captain that she wants to hone her abilities somewhat with a gun. She laughs when Alexander asks her how good she is with one currently, and says that she barely knows which end of the gun is the barrel. Jenny tells him that her recent experiences in the field with creatures has made her want to learn how to defend herself. He says that he can teach her unarmed fighting, if that's what she wants, but she says she'd rather learn how to do it at a distance. Alexander agrees to teach her, and the two arrange for a time when he can take her to the range for lessons.

Jessica Ransome (Angela) and Archibald Lowrie are discussing matters of media relations pertaining to the creatures in his office. Lowrie has some firm ideas how this should be handled, but Jessica tells him they have to be careful; too many people could learn about the Anomalies if they're not careful. The two start to map out a strategy for dealing with Anomalies in the local London area.

Amanda, Harrison, and the reluctant Kathy carefully and cautiously make their way through the woodland setting of Chelton Park, and come upon a horrific site - what appears to be a biker, his body half-eaten away. Amanda immediately places a call to the Home Office, and explains the situation to Archibald Lowrie's assistant, Sally Waters. Harrison examines the body more closely, much to Kathy's dismay, and determines that he was killed by several bite marks to the throat, but that most of his abdominal area has been eviscerated. Amanda and Harrison exchange looks, and inform Kathy Blaine that this is the same park where they encountered their first Anomaly and creature incursion. While Amanda's first thought it that it was a large bird of some sort, Harrison draws her attention to the claw marks and the like. She tells him that she's seen marks like these before, but can't recall where at the moment.

Informing Archibald Lowrie of the situation, Sally Waters informs the police of the situation, and a team is dispatched. Lowrie tells the team to get their act together, and head out to investigate the matter. When he tells them the creature attack occurred in Chelton Park, the player characters regard one another - that was the park where they first met and got involved with this Anomaly weirdness. Has the same Anomaly opened once more? Alexander tells Donnegal and Hennessy to suit up; they're returning to some old familiar stomping grounds.

The police and the Home Office team arrive on the scene somewhat simultaneously, and Jessica Ransome and Captain Taylor make it clear to the police who's in charge on this case. They quickly come across Amanda, David, and Kathy, who bring them up to speed on what they've found. David takes a look at the body of the biker, and confirms what the others concluded. However, he is able to go one better with it. David tells them that he remembers the wounds inflicted by the large carnivorous dinosaur on the dryosaurs in Westbury. Alex says if that's what he remembers it to be, they'd better find it and quickly. Turning to the police officer, Detective Inspector Wainright, Alex and Jessica tell him that they're dealing with a creature escaped from a local wildlife preserve in London, and that they need to evacuate everyone from Chelton Park, and put a guard perimeter around the Park so that no one else can come in. Jessica accompanies DI Wainright to take care of some spin doctoring and official matters, and she reports in to Archibald Lowrie and tells him what's actually going on. Kathy tells Amanda that she needs to leave the park, as she wants nothing to do with the creatures, and departs after Jessica and DI Wainright. Alex returns to where the others are waiting for him.

Harrison and Amanda set off with Alex to see what they can find, while Jenny and David remain behind so as to document the body and wait for the police forensics team to arrive. Harrison spots some tracks, and tells Alex and Amanda that he thinks he can lead them in the direction of the creature that killed the biker. They cautiously move through the Chelton Park undergrowth, and come to a relatively large clearing. There are clear signs of the creature present here, and Amanda tells the others that she thinks it might be a juvenile. Harrison says there is very definitely only one creature, at which Alex breathes a sigh of relief. Harrison takes his time with the tracking, and when he's sure, he looks at Amanda in horror. When they ask him what's wrong, Harrison tells Amanda and Alex that the creature's doubled back...

Back where the body of the biker is, David continues to examine the body, Jenny making some notes for him on computer. He tells her that they can start a computer database about some of the creatures they've encountered, and these notes will make a good addition. David finishes what he can do, and worries about where the forensics team has gotten to. There is a loud roar, and before the two can react, a large (though still a juvenile) ceratopsid carnivore comes through the trees, eying David and Jenny menacingly...

This was the first game session of the new year, and the Friday night group continued to play in the Primeval RPG campaign they've got going. Suffice it to say, the Friday night players had a good evening with the game, and the tension was somewhat high as things came to a head between two of the player characters. What made the game session interesting for the players was the fact that they found themselves in Chelton Park again, the place where all the weirdness with the Anomalies first started for them. There was also the typical talking, running, fighting, and discussion about how to handle the nastiness that was going on, but in the end the player characters' team came together and got the job done. But not without consequences.


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