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Here is the next session of the Primeval RPG campaign featuring the Sunday afternoon gaming group. This session dates back to January 6th, 2013. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Fourteenth Session
Saturday, April 1st, 2007

Gwendolyn (Tammy), Tim (SteveR), Jimmy (Doug), Jennifer, Alex, Derek Hobson, and Kirby regard the situation. Having retrieved the tourist, McIntyre's body, the group examines it. Jennifer tells Gwen that McIntyre has bone compressions of the knees and the wrists; these indicate massive weights slamming down on him. Kirby spots something, and pulls a crushed joint out of one of the corpse's pockets. Gwen looks around, but sees nothing else out of the ordinary, though the smell of marijuana is somewhat fragrant in the air near the tree. Jennifer tells Kirby to inform Denby of what's going on. Once she's done that, Kirby informs the others that Denby has dispatched some SAS men to retrieve McIntyre's body, as well as men to retrieve the torn up body of Dave Wilkington. Looking at the others, Hobson says that he doesn't want any more involvement in this, and he will stay quiet, signing the Official Secrets Act if necessary. Gwen tells him that she'll have to see what the status is of the bus, the tourists, driver, etc. - but she'll talk to Kensington on his behalf. Jennifer tells the others that she can't do any more out in the wild, so it's time for them to head back to the bus.

The next morning dawns to find that Dave Hargrove has a serious concussion, and remembers very little. Most of the tourists are now contained in their stories with Alex's hard work paying off. At breakfast at the Home Office field camp, the characters make the acquaintance of Dr. Emma Martindale. She tells them that she's treated the juvenile dinofelis that Jimmy almost killed. The cat's sturdiness was barely a match for Jimmy's lack of control with his strength. Gwen and Emma butt heads on how to deal with the juvenile dinofelis, but Denby shows up and reminds them that there's another creature still out there. He mentions that Anomalies don't stay open forever, and Tim volunteers to check on the Anomaly, while he does a bit of science as well, but Denby says he has no men to spare.

Gwen stresses somewhat about her responsibilities towards the tourists. Seeing her state of mind, Alex takes her aside and discusses the PR and legal side of matters. He unwittingly brings up things of legal matters that cause her to have even more weight on her shoulders than before.

Tim is distracted by one of the SAS soldiers, who shows him the morning news headline. "Severed Hand Found and Giant Creature Roam Nottingham Forest!" The article, by Daniel Hayden, reports with interviews by Toby and Alice Welles, as well as other unidentified "well-informed sources". It mentions the English bigfoot notion, and that two of the tourists, Richard McIntyre and Dave Wilkington, are still missing. Tim goes into a tizzy, and goes looking for Alex, but learns he's otherwise occupied. Jimmy suggests they go and chat with the tourists and break some legs 'til someone talks, but Tim vetoes that idea.

Tim and Jimmy are approached by a plain-faced man wearing obvious reporter clothes and carrying an ID pass. He also has the Greek symbol Theta embossed on his jacket, and there is some other weird symbol as well. Daniel Hayden talks with and questions Tim and Jimmy about Henderson Park, the business in Soho, and the events at the Manderley Estate, and seems to know of the giant footprints, the cat prints, has dossiers on both Jimmy and Tim, as well as about Anomalies and a future tech device that showed the image of the creature from the Henderson Park affair. Tim asks who he is, and Hayden replies that "You'll find out when the time is right...except for you, Mr. Black". It almost sounds like a threat. Hayden bids them adieu, and leaves. [He nods in passing at one of the SAS soldiers, Walker, but the player characters don't notice.]

Jimmy tells Tim that they need to find out who let Hayden into the campsite. They go and try to talk to Walker, but he's not on gate duty. Tracking down Walker, they learn from him that Hayden is on the official contact list. Walker learns that they won't report him for being absent from his post. Walker doesn't know where Denby is. Tim and Jimmy decide to go and seek out Denby.

Gwen calls the Kensington Tours offices, but finds they are closed. She calls the Tours' emergency number and reaches Thomas Jeeves, her supervisor. She explains the situation to him without spilling the beans (wild animals on the loose, two tourists dead, and so forth) and asks him for advice. Jeeves tells her to put the tourists up at the Nottingham Arms (she and Caroline will partially pay for it). Jeeves adds that when she returns to London, they'll talk about the job termination request that she (doesn't remember) filing.

Gwen arranges to have the tourists taken care of, and she learns that Dave Hargrove is in the hospital and is recovering. She goes in search of Denby and the others. Denby tells Gwen that the various doctors have decided to go after the larger yeti-like creature, and let the "small cats" go free. The injured cat is being followed by three of the SAS soldiers. Tim and Jimmy find Denby. They warn him about the reporter, Daniel Hayden, and that the reporter knows about the incidents they were previously involved with. Gwen tells Denby of the decision to relocate the tourists, and the SAS officer is agreeable to this. Denby gets a call on the walkie-talkie that they're in pursuit of the cats, and that the player characters should follow them soon. Denby is called out to the command tent, and he returns with good and bad news. The good news: the various cats have made their way back and through the Anomaly. The bad news: MacKenzie and two other SAS men have been killed by some larger cats that have come through the Anomaly. Denby tells the group of characters that they're going out to the Anomaly *now*!

The gaming session of the Primeval RPG went off very nicely. I called spross and Tammy right after I got out of the shower, and they both agreed that they wanted to play and would be out despite the snowy conditions. The players had Douglas's character, Jimmy Black, at hand to play, but we're in the process of getting him out of the game, as it's just another character that I would have to play. The session went pretty well for the most part, and the two players are dealing with the situation quite well; it's been a couple of years since the the Sunday group was down to two players, so spross and Tammy had a bit of struggle today to get used to it. However, the session was quite good.


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