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Friday Night's Game Session

Gaming last night was pretty good.

I went out to the West End last night to game, and Kathy was kind enough to make us a simple stewed chicken with pasta dinner, along with some steamed brussel sprouts and a small side salad. Lovely meal.

Once the meal was done and I helped clean up the dishes, the rest of the Friday night gamers arrived and we got down to business. The players continued on with their Primeval RPG campaign, and had a pretty good time of it. The players had a tough time of it at first with their characters, fighting for their lives in a couple of serious skirmishes against the prehistoric beasties of the scenario, but actually revelled in it quite a bit. Nick said when it was over that it was the first time in a bit where they actually felt like their characters' lives were seriously in jeopardy, and it was thrilling for them. (His words, not mine.)

David commented that the session's combat sequences really highlighted how well the game system and combat mechanics work in the Primeval game, but that the system also offers some wonderful non-physical social and psychological aspects to conflict as well. Kathy's Amanda Tarrascon, the zoologist, suffered a serious injury in this one that she wants to turn into a turning point in her life, and she'll be adding a new Bad Trait to the character's list, wanting to take the Slow Runner to account for what happened to her character. This session marks the end of an adventure that I had a good time running, largely due to the players and their investment in the action and all.

Looking forward to whatever next week's game session brings.
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