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Sunday Afternoon Game Session

The Sunday afternoon gamers have just left my place.

It was a good afternoon of gaming. The players continued to play the Primeval RPG campaign that they are currently involved in, and seem to have had a pretty good time of it. The player characters had a little bit of combat, some good roleplaying opportunities, and found themselves having to deal with some serious questions about how they're handling the beasties involved in the scenario as well as the civilian innocents that are part and parcel of this adventure (but are an element that comes into play in pretty much most Primeval RPG scenarios).

It's been an interesting adventure so far, though I have to say that it's dragged out a bit too long and there's not been as much action as I had envisioned for this one. Part of that is due to the fact that with just two player characters (and a couple of central NPCs), it's very hard to get to lots of action scenes, especially given the lack of combat skills on the part of the characters. They usually spend more time running than fighting, which is a good thing, since while Primeval RPG is a game that has a modicum of physical conflict, given the presence of prehistoric beasts, dinosaurs, and creatures from the future, it's also about using one's wits and what one can find at hand to win the day (and the scary moments), though sometimes guns and the like are the only solution. That said, spross isn't all that creative and imaginative wit-wise, and Tammy prefers the non-violent solutions, so it's sometimes difficult to have too much combat in the games. But that leaves the other types of combat, social and psychological, and with just two players...

In any event, as I've already mentioned, the game session of Primeval went pretty well, and I think I can wrap the scenario up in another game session. Since both Tammy and spross said they enjoyed themselves, I'm quite happy with how things turned out.

I'll be blogging about the game session as soon as I've caught up on the game sessions for both groups, so you'll need to wait until then to read about what happened. :)
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