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Back to Work on A Tuesday, and Labour Day Thoughts

Another one of these weird, crazy days weather-wise in the Ottawa valley. September always seems to be a month where the weather is somewhat nuts, and can't seem to make up its mind as to what it wants to do. We'll see how the weather shapes up as the day goes on.

Work today promises to be a busy day here at the office, as the translation project I'm working on moves into high gear as we near the two-thirds part of the job.

That said, I'll be leaving the office around 1:00 pm, as I've got my regularly scheduled doctor's appointment with my family physician. Can't say I'm looking forward to this appointment, as with the latest PSA test results (assuming he received them), he may want to do a DRE on me (and I won't explain this to you; any guy over 45 has probably got some unwanted experience with DREs).

In the meantime, Labour Day was quite restful. I did a bit of reading of the Yggdrasill rulebook, read a bit from a novel that I just started to read, watched a few more episodes of the Dark Shadows on Youtube (I'm up to Episode 28 of the series), and took it relatively easy for the most part.

For now, however, back to work.
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