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Cold Thursday Morning

A lovely, bracing Thursday morning in the Ottawa valley.

The weather when I left for work this morning was somewhat sunny, very windy, and with a temperature of around 9oC. Chilly, but bracing. I've actually worn a sweater to work. Ah, September! :)

One of the things that annoyed me this morning while driving to work was the construction going on. It seems that pretty much every three blocks that you go there's some sort of construction zone. Not amusing, you know.

Work today looks to be slow as there are problems with the network set-up here at the office. Needless to say, my boss is on a bit of a tear at the moment, so I've just been avoiding him to the best of my ability. That said, the slowdown at work has given me a bit of a chance to catch up with some internet stuff, so all is not lost. :)

I'll be going home today to continue reading the Yggdrasill RPG rulebook, and getting ready to start that campaign, possibly next week. It's been an entertaining read, and I have to say that the detail on Norsemen culture has been quite lovely. Just wish the maps of the part of the world the setting uses were more detailed, but that's a minor bit of stuff.
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