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Lunch Time

Lunch time has arrived. Thank Goddess.

It has been a long, very busy morning today, and work has been humming along. I didn't get a morning break, much to my stomach's chagrin, though Donna was able to grab me one of the granola bars that I keep here at the office just in case, and made a cup of Chai. That has sort of kept me going through the morning hours. (Especially given how early I eat breakfast.)

My lower left back and the left leg are still hurting me something fierce, but I've resisted taking too many pain killers due a) to the lack of food this morning; and b) to the fact that I have to keep my head about me on the job right now. Still, I've got my good work cushion on my chair, so it hasn't been too uncomfortable, just achy and throbbing for the most part.

In any event, time for some lunch in the building cafeteria, as I don't feel up to walking too much for the moment. That and a bit of reading before getting back to work should hold me 'til I'm done with work for the day.
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