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Energised Saturday

Another somewhat cool day in the Ottawa valley. A bit of rain expected as well.

I had a good evening with the Friday night group (see the later post on this), and went to bed around 12:20 pm last night. Woke up feeling refreshed somewhat, though my nose was somewhat itchy and scratchy. (There's a high pollen count today, which likely accounts for that.)

I managed to eat a light breakfast this morning, and then, despite the pain that I've still got in my lower left back, I went out around 8:25 am and walked for a good 35 minutes. Didn't feel as winded as I did the last time, and while my back and legs hurt like hell as usual, I felt pretty good otherwise. Got back to the house, hydrated myself, and took a nice shower, and felt a little bit better in the legs and feet, but not the back.

Feeling energised and having a good morning.
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