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Friday Night of Board Gaming

As mentioned earlier this morning, I had a pretty good night with the Friday gaming group.

Since they are between games in the rpg campaigns, we decided to play some board games last night.

We started off last night with a play through of a game of Ticket To Ride: Europe. The game went pretty well, with Angela, David, Nick, Joanne, and Ellie playing, while Tom, Kathy, and I sat out and watched. The game went pretty well, with all the players completing their major routes, Joanne edging Ellie out by a score of 110 to 109, with Angela scoring 94, and David scoring 96. Good, tight game all the way through.

After that, the group switched to Pandemic. We played three games of that, the various players rotating in and out of the games being played. The first game went rather well, as the players managed to find the cure for all four diseases and eradicate one within the alloted time. The second game, in which I played the Scientist, went rather well, as we cured the diseases and wiped out two of the four in the limited time. It was a bit hairy though in the early going, with China and Japan being devastated by epidemics, but we managed to contain the plagues, and win out in the end. The third game proved to be a disaster all around, as the players managed to cure a single disease and eradicate it, but ended up devastated by outbreaks in North America and Africa that signalled the end of the world as we know it. Ellie was a bit upset at that outcome, but she handled it relatively well.

Finally, the evening culminated with a decently long (28 Turns) game of The Dragonriders of Pern, with everybody getting to play in this one. This game was actually a lot of fun and to be honest, the players engaged in a modicum of backstabbing and the like, each trying to get their Weyr advantage and all. Theadfall was a definite obstacle in this one, as each Weyr had to deal with several large falls of dreaded Thread, but cooperation at these times (with distrust raising its ugly head here and there) made the game very enjoyable. The Masterharper of Pern (played by Kathy) soothed egos and negotatiated deals, and the game was all the more enjoyable because of the interaction with the players, both in and out of game. We stopped playing after 28 Turns, the latest Threadfall having devastated two of the Weyrs, and no clear-cut winner among the players. Overall, a superb ending to a good night of board gaming.

The night of board gaming went really well, and was a pleasant evening of playing around the table and socialising. Things got a bit hot around the table during the Dragonriders of Pern game as several players had heated arguments (in character) about resources and where certain Weyrs should be fighting Thread, but the players rather enjoyed the evening, and commented that we needed to do these board game nights again soon.

In the meantime, next weekend I will be running the Yggdrasill RPG, so character generation with the Friday night gaming group will begin.
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