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R.I.P. Patricia Anthony (1947-2013)

I have just heard the news about another death in the sf community.

As reported by Gordon van Gelder of Locus OnLine, author and screenwriter Patricia Anthony has died at the age of 66.

Patricia Anthony, 1947-2013

Patricia Anthony, along with the late Kage Baker, was one of my favourite authors of the 1990s. Anthony wrote some brilliant novels, including Cold Allies (1992), Brother Termite (1993), Conscience of the Beagle(1993), Happy Policeman (1994), Cradle of Splendor (1994), among others, and a marvellous collection, Eating Memories (1997). Following her initial success, Anthony taught creative writing at Southern Methodist University for three years, and as her career progressed she moved farther away from the traditional boundaries of the science fiction genre. Her novel Flanders (1998), a highly metaphysical story of an American sharpshooter in World War I, represented a clean break with her science fiction past and her final outing with Ace Books. After the publication of Flanders, Anthony ceased writing science fiction to work as a screenwriter, though none of her scripts have been green-lighted. I heard that she completed a new novel in 2006, but it remains unpublished. See more about the author in this entry at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

What's shocking is that Anthony's death was back on August 2nd, and it's only been made recently, a full month after the author's death! Bad enough that she died a month ago, but that it's taken this long to be noticeable is really shocking and unconscionable.

Rest In Peace, Patricia Anthony. I'll truly miss you and your writing.
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