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Sunday Morning Thoughts

Woke up this morning to an extremely chilly day in the Ottawa valley. (I actually slept with a light blanket on my bed last night!)

The temperature was around 6>sup>o</sup>C, but the sun was shining brightly outside. I scrubbed my face and hands clean of the overnight dirt and sweat, donned my clothes and shoes, and took a quick, 30-minute walk here at the condo complex. My lungs felt like they were burning a bit after the walk, but I didn't feel all that badly. Got home, and hydrated myself and then made some breakfast.

After showering, I got dressed and have since created another sample player character for the Yggdrasill RPG, done a bit of reading (I'm still working through Jeffrey E. Barlough's Strange Cargo), and made sure everything is ready for this afternoon's game of Primeval RPG with the Friday night group.

Not much on tv this evening, but I'm hoping to catch tonight's episode of Unforgettable, which according to the on-line tv listing is the summer season finale. My, but how time flies. And I really hate the "[year season] season finale" term! :(
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