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Events I'll Be Running at HammerCon 2013

As mentioned several times the past month or so, I'll be attending HammerCon in Hamilton, Ontario the weekend of November 1st to the 3rd.

I've been waiting on the convention to list the games that I'm officially running at the convention, and now that they have I can post up the schedule of the two games that I'll be running there. So without further ado, I give you...

Peril Beneath the Streets
Game: Primeval RPG
Time: Friday, 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Number of Players: 6
Description: When your team is called in to deal with an Anomaly in the London Underground, complications arise in the form of trapped passengers on board a disabled train, and a treasure from the past.

Game: Primeval RPG
Time: Saturday, 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Number of Players: 5
Brief Description of Game: A simple camping trip and some botanical research, right? Yeaaaahhhh... That was a hell of a wrong turn. There's no road, it's a very different forest, and oh, yeah, it's millions of years ago and there are dinosaurs chasing you.

In all cases for both scenarios, the Primeval RPG rules will be taught, and honest folks, they're really quite simple.

This is the first time that I'll be attending HammerCon (it's the fifth time the convention's been held), so I have no idea what to expect at the convention. I'm looking forward to attending the convention, but that said...

I hope that folks going to the convention, or perhaps now thinking about doing so?, will consider pre-registering for the two games that I'll be running, as it would be nice to have some players for the two games. I don't know whether one can register for a game just before the game session is to occur (as is done at CanGames here in Ottawa), so the more pre-registrations for the two games, the better. :)

And hopefully, I'll see *you* at HammerCon! :)
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