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Catching Up the Blog

Yes, I know it's been over a week since I last posted a LiveJournal entry, but I've had a few things on my mind and have been a very busy guy of late.

Work has been somewhat hectic of late, but that's nothing new. It always is at this time of year. The weather has complicated this part of my life a lot, but that's another matter. I hate all this snow. :(

Had my appointment at the Diabetes Clinic on the 20th, and the regular doctor that I see there was back from sabbatical. My blood work was pretty good considering, but he's decided to switch the medication and take me off Actos altogether as well as the Lipidil Supra (the latter of which I've been on for over seven years now) and put me on Gluconorm and Lopid, as well as an ACE Inhibitor called Altace. Naturally, the Gluconorm and the Lopid are not to be taken together according to the medical info, but the doctor told me that in low doses (1 mg of Lopid), it's fine. So we'll see what happens with that. This is just proof that when you see two different doctors about your case of diabetes, they treat your condition differently and proscribe two different types of medication. Of course, I probably should never have been put on Actos, and the heart problems that I seem to have suffered from recently (see other LJ entries that I'm too lazy to link to here) seem to attest to this fact. In any event, I had concerns about taking the Glucoform and the Lopid, given the pharmacist pointed out that they aren't to be taken together, and took four days to get hold of the doctor, playing telephone tag with him, to find out more from him on this. I likely will start taking the new drug regimen tomorrow. *sigh*

Meanwhile, on the roleplaying front, the PBeM game of Unhallowed Metropolis is still gearing up, as some folks have been slow in submitting their characters, and I've been going over the backgrounds and histories and then the game mechanics they've submitted, and we're still working on that. You can check out the game at the UnMet PBeM: Tales of the Neo-Victorian Age site.

I've been working on the two rpg scenarios that are immediate concerns, given that I have to run them at CanGames this year. The first of these is "The Pyramid of Doom", the sequel to last year's ""The Secret of Lake Qechacua" for Hollow Earth Expedition. The scenario has been something of a disaster... I wrote a basic précis of the scenario right after CanGames, 2007, and the first draft of the scenario back in December of 2007. The scenario didn't receive a lot of good reviews from players back then, and given that I was somewhat burned out on the adventure after a slight re-write, abandoned HEX for a little bit. Came back to do the re-write to the scenario, and it wasn't too bad or so I thought. I ran the scenario on the Friday night group a couple of weeks ago, and you can see what they thought of the scenario in this journal entry. Rewrote the scenario several times over the course of the week, and finally playtested the scenario again the last week on both the Friday and Sunday gaming groups. The Friday night group liked the adventure much better, and the Sunday group were pleased overall, but there are still a few kinks to work out.

The other scenario is "The Featherstone Affair" for Unhallowed Metropolis, and that one is coming along fine. The writing of the scenario is just about complete, but I've yet to create the player characters for that one since I'm waiting on a new Calling from the designer, mrsoles (which should be available this week). The adventure looks really good so far, but only playtesting and time will tell on this one.

Add to that several other projects that I've been working on rpg-wise, and some writing that I'm doing, and well, it seems that my journal here has been low on the priority list.

So there's an update on my busy schedule and life these days.


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