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Here There Be Rune(Stones)!

Monday was a good day.

The snail mail brought something that I had ordered on Amazon.

As noted elsewhere, I am going to be running the Yggdrasill roleplaying game of heroic Norsemen starting on Friday night. One of the things that I wanted was a prop to use when casting the runes at times, and to be able to use for actually drawing the Fate runes that every player character does in character generation. I found the magnificent set of runes, and ordered them.

Well, they arrived. :)

Here's everything that came with the box.

And here are the runestones themselves, divided into the proper aetts1.


These runestones, although that's a misnomer since these are made of wood, should make the Yggdrasill game sessions much more interesting, and hopefully, more enjoyable.

1In the Elder Futhark, there are 24 runes in a specific order. Within that order, the runes are grouped into sets of eight, called "Aetts". According to some experts (Freya Aswynn, Edred Thorsson), each Aett tells a particular part of the larger story of the heathen cosmology. Having an understanding of which Aett a rune falls in & the story the Aett tells helps to deepen one's understanding of and interaction with the rune itself. Also, if one wants to use runes more actively, knowing the part of the cosmology addresed by the Aett can help one pick runes more specifically for better results.

For me, each rune has an independent meaning, apart from the Aett, but knowing where the rune sits in relation to others and what part of the tale it may tell helps me to better understand the message the rune may have for me on any given draw.
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