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Selling Books, and Comic Store Talk...and Hurt

Just got back from downtown, having gone with spross to sell off some books at the Book Bazaar down on Bank Street.

John Wyatt, the owner of the place, was kind enough to buy off me a couple of small boxes of paperbacks and trade paperbacks, including some Diana Wynne Jones and Tanith Lee stuff, though I won't know how much money he'll give me for these until later in the week. I also saw a couple of books on Viking culture and myths that looks right up my alley at the moment, so I may pick them up later in the week.

While we were down there, it was a quick hop and skip over to the Silver Snail comic shoppe. While I didn't go in there to buy comics or anything (I get my fix of those at the Comic Book Shoppe), I wanted to see what's currently out and stuff, and checked out a few things. While I prefer their set-up in some ways for finding the new comics and stuff, the staff at the Comic Book Shoppe are friendlier, they have a wider taste in comics and rpgs in my experience, and well... ah, just a matter of preference, I guess.

While the walking was certainly pleasant, as the day was somewhat sunny, a bit cool with the breeze, I was fine until I realised on the walk back to the car that I had pulled or done something to my left thigh muscle. In a modicum of pain as I type this, and have just taken some pain medication.

Cold pack or heat pack now?
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