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Sunday Afternoon Game - Yggdrasill Character Creation

As noted in various journal entries on this blog, both the Friday night and Sunday afternoon gamers have started the Yggdrasill RPG campaigns. I had meant to post this message earlier in the week, but an editing deadline for a gaming product got in the way. But better late then never, right? :)

Anyway, once the Sunday afternoon gamers showed up at my place for the afternoon's session, I showed them the map of the world of Scandia, talked with the players about the game world, and answered their questions to the best of my ability for about two hours. This covered everything from basic game mechanics, matters about the Danish part of the world (since I plan to start the campaign there), a bit about the culture of the Norse people, and everything in between. A bit exhausting, but no worse than it had been on the Friday night group.

Character generation in the Ygdrasill game is a relatively straightforward affair, but as I mentioned in the Friday night write-up on character creation, there's some interesting elements to it, and it does require a good deal of thought at times and the making of choices. (You can get an idea of how character generation for the system works with the detailed example, Haldor Olavsson, that I posted up to the blog back a week or so ago.) That said, half the fun of the character generation system for Yggdrasill is the character generation system, notably the business with Fate.

Given that the Sunday gaming group consists of two players, the characters that the players created for the game are interesting in their own way, but don't have that mix that five or six players gives you. Here's what the Sunday afternoon players created.

spross - Oddly enough, spross didn't have to give the character type much thought, and he went with a hirdman (soldier, bodyguard) for his character. Adalstein Ulfarsson is not typical for hirdmen, however, and comes across almost like berserker wannabe. (Without the cool berserker abilities.)

Tammy - She was originally going to create the volva, changed her mind and decided to go with a craftsman type, and then switched back to the volva, named Dagmar Ivarsdottir. Tammy decided that she did not want to know her Fates (based on the three runes), but has an interesting character that will bring some clan affiliations and loyalties into question. Whether spross's character serves as her bodyguard or not will be a question answered only once play starts.

While the two characters have some potential for sure, I can see problems with the characters. First off, Tammy and spross not doing a lot of talking (and potentially not choosing to interact together), and secondly, spross not be able to play within a family/clan context, as he tends to play characters who don't have families or living relatives because of his own problems with social matters. (And Yggdrasill is very much a game about family and clan relationships and closeness.)

In any event, I guess I'm looking forward to playing the game next Sunday afternoon! :)
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