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The Sunday gaming group was here today to play their afternoon session, as the Yggdrasill game got underway. The Sunday afternoon games began the Yggdrasill campaign last week with the process of character creation. You can read my blog about the characters they created by following this link.

What follows is a basic report on the Sunday game session.

Game Date at present unknown

This first session of the Sunday Yggdrasill began, as per usual, with an introduction to the Norse world of the Yggdrasill Roleplaying Game, learning the basic mechanics of the game, and then proceeded through a small sampling of the Norse world glossary. Following this, the player characters partook in several samples of combat that taught them the basic mechanics of the game in terms of fighting and combat. I followed this up with a bit of expansive material on magic, as Tammy's Dagmar Ivarsdottir is a volva, and needed more information and a basis for casting spells both in combat and out.

The players seemed to love the game system basic mechanics, were a bit unsure about the layers that were added on top of those (notably Combat Feats, the use of Furor, Fate Rune bonuses, and Gifts and Weaknesses), but seemed to get the hang of it by the end. They didn't find the combat system all that deadly, though that changed when I made the modification with them as well such that Defence is now (PD + 10) instead of the game system's (PD + 14), a change that many folks on forums have suggested, and which is a good one.

Neither player injected any personality of their characters into the game, although spross's Adalstein Ulfarsson kept using his gifts from Thor when attacking Tammy's character during the sample combats, and rather than use the dagger (which skill he didn't have) as was the purpose of several of the sample combats, decided to punch her character somewhat. Tammy, for her part, took it with a bit of ill grace, but she did play Dagmar Ivarsdottir as being somewhat non-violent by nature, and thus things proceeded apace.

While the game session was, to all intents and purposes, enjoyable, I still feel somewhat overwhelmed a bit by all the different things one needs to remember and forty (40!) pages of charts that I printed out. Like I said in the earlier post about the Friday night group, and which this game session emphasied, this game needs a GM Screen *NOW*! (You listening Dom, corone??) :)


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