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Life is A Spin Cycle

Have gotten to work this morning slightly later than planned, as I needed to call and make arrangements to have the laundry dryer at home checked out. I've spoken with folks at Regional Factory, who were recommended to me by GE when I spoke to them, and will hopefully hear back this afternoon on when I can get an appointment to have the dryer looked at.

I keep having to take the laundry over to my mom's condo building, where they have washers and dryers in the basement (at a cost of $3.75 a load), or to the laundromat (which is a bit more expensive). This while I've got a serviceable washing machine at home. Ever have to carry drying out laundry around? It's heavier than when it's just dirty. So, need to get the dryer fixed. Asap.

In the meantime, the job goes as the job goes, relatively smoothly. The boss isn't in the office today, so the staff and I are comfortable in our emotional states at the moment.
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