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Working From Home

A lovely fall day here in the Ottawa valley.

I'm working from home today, as I have to wait for the folks from Regional Factory to come and take a look at my poor laundry dryer and see whether anything can be done. They're supposed to be here between 9 am and 5 pm today, so I'm optimistic they'll come some time this morning, rather than in the late afternoon.

As mentioned, I'm working from home today. The boss was not happy to learn this, since naturally there's a project meeting about the wrapping up of the translation project that I was on, but he agreed to postpone this until Thursday. I suspect, however, that I should be glad I'm not in the office today, since this means he'll be taking all manner of temper tantrums and the like.

In the meantime, work is proceeding smoothly, and I'm looking forward to finding out whether the dryer can be saved or whether I'll need to shell out more money this year.
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