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HammerCon 2013 Thoughts

One of the disappointments I'm currently dealing with is the status of my two Primeval RPG games that I'll be running at HammerCon in roughly a month and a few days now.

The Friday night game of Primeval, "Peril Beneath the Streets", has no player registered for it as I write this blog entry. Which is somewhat disappointing. Sure, I understand that there's a limit on the number of gamers going to the convention on the Friday, but I really hope that I can fill the table for this one. Primeval is really a lovely game system, simple mechanics, easy to learn, and loads of fun.

The Saturday mid-afternoon game, "Stranded!", has three of the five game slots filled, so that's good, but it would be nice to actually fill that game full. This is the scenario for the game that was run at GenCon 2013 this past August, and it's a really neat scenario in which folks are *not* playing the characters from the tv series. And for the record, folks, while the game is set up for five (5) players, I can actually accommodate a sixth player for that game.

Anyway, really hope that the Primeval RPG game slots get filled for both games. Looking forward to seeing folks at HammerCon this November 1st! :)
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