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Laundry Dryer News


The fellow from Regional Factory has just left. The guys who were supposed to come over and look at the laundry dryer and tell me whether it could be fixed or not.

He arrived a little after 2:15 pm, and examined the dryer at length, though he didn't unbolt it from the wall at all, and ran a few tests on the machine. He did manage to turn the dryer on, but he could tell right from the start that the problem with the machine was the motor. While he told me that the dryer could probably be used for a bit longer, assuming that it would continue to function, there is no way to fix the motor on it. The dryer is 17 (!!) years old, and GE doesn't make parts for this model any longer.

The final verdict is that I need to get a new laundry dryer. He told me that the only place in Ottawa that sells wall-mounted dryers like this (due to the set-up of the laundry room here at the house) is Home Depot. He thinks it should run me a good $500-$600, and I literally groaned at the additional expense (like I haven't spent enough money on household stuff this year so far!). That said, to be honest, I was expecting this news.

In the meantime, I'm out $100 for this service call, but I suppose that's not as bad as it could be. So tomorrow, I'll be going over to Home Depot after work to check out new laundry dryers.

And so it goes.
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