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Laundry Dryer Shopping

Just got back from spending the afternoon looking for a dryer for my laundry room.

Went out around 12:45 pm, and stopped off for lunch at my favourite Subway restaurant in the city, where I had a 6-inch steak sub with a bottle of water for lunch.

I had gotten three leads on some places to look for the wall-mounted laundry dryer, and so I had planned to check those out today. Leon's, Appliance Factory, and Sears were all pretty much wash-outs (no pun intended), so I finally caved in and went over to Home Depot.

Needless to say, by the time I got back home about twenty minutes ago, I was pretty pooped out and in need of a glass of water, some protein, and a foot stool. Oh, my aching back and my aching feet.

For now, I'm going to take a quick lie down with a cold pack for my left hip and thigh, and by then it'll be time to make supper.
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