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Groggy Morning, and Gaming

Pretty tired this morning.

Rather than spend the evening relaxing at home after going laundry dryer shopping yesterday afternoon, I spent the evening doing laundry at my mom's apartment condo building, in the laundry room. I managed to get two large loads of laundry done, but didn't get home until close to midnight.

Woke up this morning somewhat groggy, and with a stuffed head. Not to mention around 9:00 am, usually two hours later than I normally awake on a Sunday. Not a good start to the day. Though I guess I'm more rested than I would be, right?

This afternoon I'll be running the Yggdrasill RPG on the Sunday gaming group, so I'll see how that goes. Hopefully, I'll be less groggy and more awake to run the game this afternoon.

There's nothing much that appeals to me on the boob tube tonight, so I'll possibly watch some of the PVRed stuff or maybe I'll watch another disc of the Terra Nova series which I'm working through on DVD.

In the meantime, got to go get ready for gaming.
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