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Sunday Afternoon Gaming Session

I've finished gaming for the day with the Sunday gaming group. They left here about 20 minutes ago or so, and have to say that it was a fun day.

The group played Yggdrasill. Well, they were supposed to start play, but that's not how it worked out.

We started the afternoon with the players purchasing their basic equipment and armour, but that took a bit longer than I had expected. After that, the players and I went through the House Rules of the combat system that I'm using. (If folks want to hear more about that, please ask me about it in the Comments section.)

Once we finished that, I took them through another couple of samples of combat. I had planned two, but we went through three. The combat samples went fine, and were relatively fast and smooth this time out. Nothing hinky or complicated about them, and the players appear to have the feel of the combat system down somewhat better. Still it went a bit longer than I expected.

Finally, we wrapped up the session by going over the player characters' home community, Ulvfrist, and some of the material about the community and the various personages living in the community (other than the player characters and their family members, if any). That was a good bit of stuff, and quite entertaining, with the player characters contributing some to the experience.

By that time, it was close to 4:45 pm, so we decided to stop for the afternoon.

I've just finished my afternoon snack, so will clean up a bit of the house and get ready to go over to mom's place and pick up some of the laundry that I left there yesterday.
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