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October Begins

October 1st.

A new month. And it promises to be a busy month.

Aside from the new language project that I've started this week, the end of the month will see me travelling to Hamilton, Ontario (::knock on wood::) for the HammerCon gaming convention, where I'll be running a couple of Primeval RPG sessions. (With luck, since I haven't got a lot of folks signed up for the Friday night game, so if you're going to Hamilton for the convention, please come out and play Friday night. I'd love to have you in the Primeval RPG game.)

In between these two aspects of my life, I've got to buy a new home laundry dryer, have several doctors' appointments, some blood tests (and other possible tests, depending on the results of those blood tests), and a couple of other things. Suffice it to say, busy month.

That said, in some ways I'm glad that September is over, as it wasn't a great month. It was all right, but not great the way Septembers should be. Still, one step at a time as October begins.

But for now, back to work. :)
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