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Medication Change, and Some News :)

This morning, I finally started taking the new regimen of medication for my diabetes. Metformin and Lopid at the breakfast edition. Metformin, Lopid, and Altace with the evening meal edition. Have no idea what will happen, but should be interesting to see.

Yesterday, I received my copy of what is likely to be the final The Dying Earth rpg supplement, Fields of Silver in the post. Written by the marvellous lynne_h, the book looks really good and after glancing through it, should make for a fascinating read. Now if the folks at Pelgrane Press would just wrap up the game line with a GM Screen, I would be so happy! :)

Meanwhile, in other news, as per the report from the SFWA News page, Michael Moorcock is to be this year's SFWA Grand Master. I am very pleased for him, as Moorcock is a very nice man, and one of the kindest writers that I have ever met (although that was many years ago, but I doubt it has changed).


And for those who have an interest in erotic furniture, I just had to pass along this site. Fine Arts Wohnkulture has some fascinating stuff, for those who are interested in decorating their bachelor pads with highly detailed, erotic, futuristic, and fantasy bronze statues or furniture. The company offers some fascinating pieces that are sure to be conversation pieces (or is that conversation stoppers?), and I just had to share.

Not to everyone's taste for sure, but I just had to share this one! :)
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