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Friday Night Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 22

Here is the next session of the Primeval RPG campaign featuring the Friday night gaming group. This session dates back to January 29th, 2013. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

The player characters decided that it would be a bad idea to split up again. After Jessica (Angela) called the Home Office to get them to send a team to pick up the boar and handle some of the PR fallout from it, the players led by Alexander (Tom) proceeded towards the main structure of the incomplete building by way of the rubbish bins. David (Nick) immediately spots what appear to be tracks of some sort in the soft earth and construction dirt near the bins. On examining the prints, Harrison (David) and Amanda (Kathy) decide that it was some sort of herbivore, so with a bit less caution, Harrison and Alexander lead the group deeper into the rubbish bins area. Jenny and Jessica complain rather vehemently of the smell and the rubbish, but their outcry is silenced by the discovery of what appears to be a large nest of eggs. Light green and somewhat speckled, the eggs appear to be around 15 to 20 cms in length, but many of them appear to have been cracked open. Of the 40 or so eggs, only half are still intact.

Amanda is excited at the discovery of the eggs, but her joy at finding them is short-lived when she comes across what appears to be a partially eaten arm somewhat deeper into the bins area, on the other side of the egg nest. David says that it may be part of one of the workers, but it's relatively recent. Whatever killed its owner, it's still here. The characters are alerted to danger once more, as one of the bins rocks violently, and Alexander raises his weapon. The characters are confronted by a large, 2.5-metre long duck-billed dinosaur with a flat beak and thick nose, but oddly has a small, spiky crest in front of its eyes. The creature eyes the player characters warily, and Amanda tells the group to back slowly out of the area with the nest; the dinosaur is a Maiasaurus, she believes [she spends 2 Story Points on the roll to make sure], and they are very protective of their nests. She and Harrison confer for a moment after the player characters have backed away sufficiently, and they tell Alexander, Jessica, and the others that this creature is not what attacked the construction workers either. There's got to be something else as well. Furthermore, Amanda says that the Maiasaurus is a juvenile, so it's not responsible for the egg nest either.

Deciding to leave the Maiasaurus alone, the player characters head over for the main building. They find it in a state of disrepair, and Alexander says that he thinks it's structurally unstable. They need to be very careful in the area of the partial office building. David echoes the sentiment, and the characters move carefully into the structure, shining torches around as they move into it. It is Jenny (Joanne) who catches a glimpse of the swirling, shard-filled light of the Anomaly further into the building structure. As she points it out, there is a roar from the Anomaly, and a dinosaur charges towards Jenny.

The creature is about 2.5 metres long with stubby bull-like horns, and small front limbs, but is unusual for a theropod as it has front-facing eyes. Even as Amanda registers all this about the creature, Jenny is bowled over by the creature [taking 4 points of damage]. Obviously a carnivore, Alexander orders the player characters capable of doing so to open fire; David, Alexander, and Harrison do so, even as Amanda begs them not to do this. The beast is seemingly unaffected by the gunfire, and with a roar, it wheels back and charges towards Alexander. He barely gets out of the way, and it rams into one of the underpinnings of the incomplete structure. There is a grinding roar as part of the building comes down.

When the dirt and the dust clears, Amanda and the other player characters are shocked to find the ccreature trapped and partially buried by the rubble. It emits piteous cries, and Amanda is heartbroken to realise that it is dying. The other characters pick themselves up, all with minor injuries and bruises, relieved to be alive. Their relief is short-lived, as they realise that Alexander has been seriously hurt by some of the debris as it collapsed [he takes 8 points of damage]. While Jenny and Harrison care for him as best they can, Jessica calls the other SAS soldiers and tells them the situation and then "suggesting" they call in a medical team. Amanda tells the others that the creature is dying, that they can't save it, and unless they silence its death cries, they may have to deal with one or more of its parents. With a hard look on her face and tears rolling down, Amanda takes Alexander's sidearm, and shoots the painfully wailing creature in the head.

While David, Harrison, Jessica, and Jenny regard her with shock, Amanda says that they have other, pressing business. They have to get the Maiasaurus through the Anomaly before it closes. She tells David and Jessica to stay with Alexander until the medical team arrives, and she and Harrison head back to the maiasaura's nest area. She tells him what they are going to do.

Using every trick of handling animals that she knows, Amanda lures the maisaurus towards the Anomaly with an egg, Harrison meanwhile gradually and slowly taking most of the eggs to where the Anomaly lies. By this time, the others have understood what she plans to do, and manage to keep out of sight to the best of their ability, not an easy thing to do with Alexander in considerable pain, despite David's treatment. The player characters successfully manage to get the herbivore to the Anomaly. Without any hesitation, Harrison and the stony-faced Amanda take the maiasaurus eggs through the Anomaly and then return. Coaxing the creature through the Anomaly is a relatively easy task for the zoologist, and she is barely able to get the herbivore through it before the Anomaly pulses and then closes.

As Alexander is taken to the hospital, accompanied by David and Jenny, Jessica and Harrison try to talk to the sorely aggrieved, crying Amanda. She tells the others that she's going to need some time off after this one, that she doesn't know what she's going to do next, and that everything's changed because of what she was forced to do. She says that she feels that she's failed as a zoologist, that she's been forced to take an animal life, something that she's vowed never to do. She doesn't know what comes next for her, but she finds herself at wit's end. Harrison says that she did what she had to do, likely to prevent the loss of more life if an adult theropod had come through the Anomaly, but Amanda says that "At what cost? I had to *kill* that dinosaur, and it may have cost me my soul..." A worried Jessica places a call to Kathy Blaine, and tells her that Amanda needs her. The group head out of the Adelaide construction site, even as a young boy looks on, snapping photos on a portable camera...

An egg-cellent Friday night's game session of Primeval RPG. I continued to run the game, with the scenario that I started the week before being well in hand. I had planned to run this adventure around Easter of 2013, but since the gaming group would be getting into a couple of other game systems over the course of the next few months, I decided to use the plan that I had with the specific dinosaur in this one, and bring (easter) eggs into the adventure tonight to wrap up, much to my goddaughter's delight.

The scenario came out very nicely, and the player characters are continuing to work well together, though there are some definite antagonistic relationships in the dynamics of the group, but there are also some really good, solid friendships developing among some of the characters as well. The game session stayed "fresh", according to one of the players, and another pointed out that they had not seen one of the events that went down in the session. As promised in a post yesterday, I managed to throw in some dinosaur eggs into the scenario mix.

Overall, I had a good night of gaming with the Friday nighters. Running the Primeval RPG is really a joy due to the simplicity of the game rules, the ease with which the rules work and handle situations that aren't actually covered in them, and of course, the creature rules. Once more, I was totally exhausted when the group broke for the night.
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