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Friday Morning at the Office

It's Friday morning, and I'm glad that this is the last work day of the week.

Sitting here in the office, and hearing a rant from the boss as he belittles one of the tech guys, as we're having problems with the network here at the office this morning. He's not in a good mood at all, and while he's not taken it out on some of us "plebes" yet, it's just a matter of time today. I'm going to try and stay out of his way while I got about my job today.

Health-wise, I've got a problem with my left ankle. The ankle is very swollen and quite painful, and I don't have any idea what's going on. The leg above it hurts, but so does the left thigh and my left hip. I don't recall hitting the ankle on anything, but my memory about these things is not so good these days.

In the meantime, work awaits. That and a cup of herbal tea.
Tags: ankle, back pain, boss, health hut, office, personal, swelling, work

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