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Friday Night Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 23

Here is the next session of the Primeval RPG campaign featuring the Friday night gaming group. This session dates back to August 2nd, 2013. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Friday, August 10th, 2007

The adventure begins as a Kensington Tours bus arrives in the city of Nottingham at the Lambert Hotel. Olivia Hamilton (Ellie), a precocious child, and her mother, Eileen, debark the bus along with the 25 other tour clients, and make their way to the hotel after receiving a Welcome booklet, a pamphlet on the bridges that will be the focus of the tour, a Nottingham tour guide book, a sticky "Hi, I'm [Name]" badge, and their hotel registration package.

Harrison Williams (David) debarks the same bus, and has a conversation with Maureen Welles, the Kensington guide for the Nottingham bridges tour. She tells him that she can handle the rowdy folks, but she'll leave a lot of the "real man's work" to him. She goes off to greet their agent in Nottingham, while he looks around and sees what he can do to help the other tourists. He goes up to Olivia and her mother, and they renew acquaintances again, and she asks whether he's had any new adventures with "creatures" since they last met. Harrison is evasive, and Maureen comes back just in time and says everything is arranged. She tells Harrison that the Kensington staff are not going to be staying at the Lambert, instead being booked into the Nottingham Arms. He's somewhat pleased about this.

Back in London, Amanda Tarrascon (Kathy) is enjoying a quiet day catching up with old friends and some of her belongings at the Institute of Zoological Studies (IZS). While wandering around and seeing some of the work being done at the Institute, she is called upon by Arnold Hall, a friend of hers and professor at the IZS, who asks her what she knows of the region around Nottingham. He says that there's been a couple of strange reports about animal sightings up in the area the last few months. Amanda is intrigued, and the two go to his office. She sets to work with him, discussing what she knows of the area and its animal habitats.

David Bannister (Nick) and Christine Foster are enjoying themselves as they manage to have a weekend off together for once. The two decide that they want to spend it quietly together, and want to take a cooking course. They have this set up at a local Hobby club, having made the arrangements a week ago, and are looking forward to it. They discuss some of Christine's training for working with the Home Office, but she hints that she's got a secret that he doesn't know about at the moment.

Captain Alexander Taylor (Tom) is spending a weekend off with his family, wife Sally and son Daniel. He's planning a simple weekend with friends on Sunday for a barbeque, and is shopping for the stuff he needs for it, along with Sally, having left Daniel in the care of Sally's sister, Joan.

Jenny Hansford (Joanne) has had enough of her new roommate, Charlie Harris. He's been somewhat invasive of her space and obviously has a crush on her, a fact that she's been ignoring completely. She's sitting in the flat that she shares with Charlie, discussing the matter with her best friend, Dana James. Charlie returns home, and Jenny feels so smothered and tense that she and Dana leave on a fake errand. Once away from the place, Jenny thanks Dana for her being there for her, and decides to go to "work" and possibly just hang out there for a bit.

Jessica Ransome (Angela) is spending part of her Friday doing a bit of shopping, as she feels that she needs to upgrade her wardrobe. While she buys several stylish dresses and a few other pieces of female attire, she also decides on the spur of the moment to purchase some outdoors wear and gear, as lately she's been spending a lot of time in the field with her new friends. While there, she meets an old friend, Dave Whitaker, a lawyer with a prestigious law firm. The two break from shopping for some lunch, and catch up. She learns he now works for a company called Prospero Industries (which she has heard of), and is fascinated by his work description (such as he can tell her). Somewhat attracted to her, Dave asks her on a date and she impulsively decides to go out with him. They set a date for a week Saturday, and the two part.

Back at the Nottingham Arms and Lambert Hotel in Nottingham, both Olivia Hamilton and Harrison read separately in the Nottingham paper about the recent attack on a townsperson.

"Mysterious Death in Nottingham Wood"

Reading the article, Harrison gleans that a person was killed in the early morning hours of Thursday. There was a high blood alcohol involved. A dark blue VW was abandoned on the High Hill Bridge. The article also mentions rumours of the Troll of High Hill once more. In the photo, he can make out that the VW is severely dented on the left side, near the car's boot. Olivia, for her part, reads the article and decides that it may have something to do with creatures once more. She calls Harrison at the Nottingham Arms and the two talk. Harrison laughs it off, citing her imagination and all but Olivia is not convinced. When Harrison gets off the phone with Olivia, he places a quick call to the Home Office back in London.

In London, some time later, the various player characters assemble in a conference and briefing room at the Home Office. While Jenny and Jessica treat it as just another "afternoon of work", Amanda is highly annoyed, and still at odds with her so-called friends over her having to kill the carnivorous predator (which she has since learned is a Carnotaurus) they encountered at the Adelaide construction site. Alexander is also not thrilled at having been called in, as he was enjoying the time off with his family.

Archibald Lowrie shows the player characters the headline from the Nottingham newspaper, and tells them of Harrison's call from Nottingham. There's enough in the newspaper to send the team to Nottingham to investigate what's going on. Alexander wants to know what discretion he has in taking SAS soldiers with him, and is told that's up to Jessica, once she decides on their cover story. Jessica arrives, somewhat tardy, and apologises, saying that she was in a "pressing meeting" and couldn't get away too quickly. Jenny giggles at this, and the two women share a quick laugh. Brought up to speed, Jessica mulls the idea over and tells the others that she thinks they need to go as tourists, except for Amanda, who will be the animal expert from Animal Control working with Captain Taylor's team. Alexander says in that case, he wants a full squad of men. Lowrie okays the plan, and the characters set off to gather up their gear, make their excuses with family, friends, and loved ones, and depart for Nottingham.

I had a great time with the Friday night group. I ran the Primeval RPG on the gaming group, and the players had a terrific time with the game.

This was the first time that the players have played Primeval in several months, and the game went pretty well after a bit of a re-familiarisation for the players with the basic combat rules and those pertaining to Story Points. I figured I'd ease the players into the adventure, and so started with some normal, routine activities for the players that highlighted their backgrounds and personalities, and then got to the basics of the nitty gritty.

All in all, looking forward to running the next game session.
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