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Friday Night Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 24

Here is the next session of the Primeval RPG campaign featuring the Friday night gaming group. This session dates back to August 9th, 2013. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Friday, August 10th, 2007

In Nottingham, Harrison (David) explains to Maureen Welles, the tour guide and representative of Kensington Tours, that he has something in the city that he needs to take care of. She's not that happy with him about this, but allows him a bit of "personal time". Harrison peruses the local newspaper and learns of the previous night's event's details. He rents a car, and heads for High Hill bridge. An annoyed Olivia (Ellie) sees him leave, and twigs what he's up to.

Harrison arrives at the area of High Hill bridge, and finds that the local police have the area sealed off. He uses his status as a Kensington Tours guide (and his connections to the Home Office) to get into the scene, and is able to examine the area. He is able to find several sets of prints, but is unclear as to what they were caused by other than it seems to be cat-like. On returning to the bridge itself, he is able to make out that the blue VW is dented on the left hand side quite severely. The police tell him that the driver, Morris Handley, struck the edge of the bridge as he brought the car onto it in his drunken state. Harrison doesn't buy this for a minute, but is content to head back to Nottingham for the evening.

Olivia decides to take a walk in the area of the Lambert Hotel during the late afternoon. She goes to the local newspaper office, and asks a few questions about matters pertaining to the incident at High Hill bridge, claiming to be reporting for her school newspaper. While the editorial staff on duty are leery of her claims, she charms them into a bit of cooperation and learns that there were claw marks of some sort found on the scene of the crime and the body. The staff won't provide her with any photographic evidence, however. Satisfied, Olivia heads back for the Lambert Hotel.

The rest of the Home Office team - Amanda (Kathy), David (Nick), Alexander (Tom) (and his full squad of men), Jenny (Joanne), and Jessica (Angela) - arrive in Nottingham during the early evening. While Alexander and Jessica take care of the official channels and making everyone understand who's in charge of the investigation into the incident at High Hill bridge, the characters book themselves into the Nottingham Arms hotel. Harrison is waiting for them in the lounge area, and briefs the player characters, minus Alexander and Jessica, on what he has learned. He also tells them that Olivia Hamilton is at the Lambert Hotel with her mother, as they are taking the Nottingham Bridges tour. He, Amanda, and Jenny tell the others of their experiences with Olivia, and that the girl is a smart cookie. She may already have figured things out. Alexander and Jessica arrive at the hotel, and inform the others on the status of their negotiations with city officials; the Animal Control team is ready to do their jobs. After briefing the two latecomers on what has occurred, the group decides to get a good night's sleep and meet early in the morning to make their plans.

The morning of the 11th dawns clear and bright, a lovely Saturday morning. Harrison gets to the Lambert Hotel just in time for the departure of the coach that will take the tourists to their first stop on the Nottingham Bridges tour, Taran's Bridge, a location associated with a hero out of Nottingham's past. Olivia is able to talk with Harrison during the trip to the bridge, and tells him what she learned the afternoon before. He is surprised and pleased to learn the information, and as payment she requests to accompany him and the rest of his "team" in their work. Eileen Hamilton, who has been sitting and listening in on their conversation, is intrigued about matters, and says that she wants to encourage her daughter, but that she not be put in any danger. Harrison says that if she agrees, he will make sure the precocious girl is kept safe. The tour bus arrives at Taran's Bridge, and Maureen Welles leads the tourists to their first destination. Harrison moves off with Olivia, and teaches her some basics in survival and orienteering as he searches for anything odd.

Back in Nottingham, the rest of the team begins the day with a bit of research. Jessica and Jenny go to the offices of the Nottingham paper, and manage to learn some more about what happened at High Hill bridge. The story has no twists or turns to it, other than the fact that several tracks were found with cat-like characteristics to them. They also learn that a young girl visited the paper the day before, interested in what had happened at the bridge.

Amanda, David, and Alexander (along with the SAS soldiers that accompanied him) travel to High Hill bridge, and start their own investigations. Amanda laments the fact that Harrison is not with them, but David tells her that she just has to make do. One of the SAS soldiers, Harris, informs Alexander that he's found something down by the stream below the bridge. Amanda and David follow him down, and find footprints - Amanda identifies them as cats, large cats of some sort, but nothing she can positively put a name to. David wanders off a bit, further under the bridge, and finds a remnant of a light blue blouse clinging to a small shrub. He calls out to the others what he's found, and they join him. David comments that the remnant is several days old, but Amanda draws his attention to what lies back up on the furrowed ridge above the river. They see a gigantic, ape-like figure watching them...

Last night, the Friday gaming group continued the Primeval RPG campaign that they are involved in, and the group had a pretty good time of it overall. The game session itself went pretty well, and the characters had a bit of everything going on in this one, though one of the players got more "highlight moments" than any other in this session. Angela and David, the two relative newcomers to the Friday night group, commented yet again how easy and simple the Vortex system is to work with. Everyone agreed that it was a lively session. The highlight for me was how terrified the players were to see 16 Threat markers on the board at one point!

What was the creature(s)? That would be telling... for now. :)
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