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Here is the next session of the Primeval RPG campaign featuring the Friday night gaming group. This session dates back to August 23rd, 2013. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

The creatures emerge from the trees to confront the characters, and are revealed to be large than leopards, spotted cats, with a stout build, strong forearms, and small sabre teeth. Amanda (Kathy), David (Nick), and Alexander (Tom) back off from the creatures, and Alexander orders his men not to fire at the creatures. The cats, not perceiving the characters as a threat, move towards the Anomaly and pass through it. All three characters breathe a sigh of relief. Amanda says they shouldn't be too happy; she thinks there's at least three more of the creatures still around, and they still haven't found the giant ape-like beastie either.

The police arrive at High Hill bridge, and Harrison (David) explains what has gone on to the police. Maureen Welles confirms what has happened, and the police begin to question various people. They release Harrison after he shows them his Home Office credentials, and says that the Animal Control team is already on the case. He refers them to Jessica (Angela) and Jenny (Joanne), who begin to coordinate matters with the police, and once that is done, he places a call to Amanda.

After Harrison briefs Amanda on what's happened, she tells him where they are, what's going on, and then confers with Alexander and David about matters. Alexander says he's on the way back, and will bring half the squad with him, leaving the other five men with Amanda and David. Once they end the phone conversation, Alexander and three SAS soldiers leave, and make their way back to the High Hill bridge.

Harrison tells the police Sergeant, Williams, that the SAS soldier who's heading up the Animal Control team is on the way. He takes Jessica and Jenny aside, and asks them what they want to do. They decide to see if they can track the creature(s) that killed the jogger, a local named Andrew Harman. Olivia (Ellie) comes up to them, and says that she wants to know what's going on. Seeing no reason to hide matters from her, Jenny tells Olivia, who says she wants to go with them. Harrison says it's out of the question, as it could be quite dangerous, but Olivia counters this will all kinds of arguments that eventually convince Harrison and Jenny that they're better off with her than without. Jessica is able to convince Eileen that Olivia will be safe with them (Harrison swearing to lay down his life for her, if need be). Harrison says they will wait for the arrival of Captain Taylor and his men.

Back near the Anomaly, Amanda and David confer on matters, and finally the former locates the tracks of the large cats leading out from the clearing area. She tells David that it looks like there are also several kits among the group, and that could represent a threat, as the adults will defend the kits to the death. The two characters, with the five SAS soldiers move cautiously through the woods. David almost trips and falls into a massive, deep footprint. It is identical to one of the prints left near the bridge by the gigantic ape-like creature. Keeping the soldiers relatively close, the player characters continue to move through the forest, following the cats' tracks.

Alexander and his six men arrive back at the bridge site, and after Jessica introduces him to the police sergeant, Alexander and his men start to handle the matter. With Alexander and his men present, Harrison tells the SAS Captain what he plans to do. Alexander says he will go with them, leaving the soldier to handle the evacuation of the High Hill site. Jessica concurs that the police and the SAS soldiers can deal with the site, and agrees that Alexander should accompany them. Once matters are settled, the group accompanied by Olivia goes back to the site where the corpse was (it has now been removed by the police forensics team, and placed in custody awaiting the arrival of a Home Office team), and Harrison is able to find the tracks of the cat(s) leading from the area [he spends 2 Story Points to do so, as the police have obscured the large cat prints].

Harrison leads the characters along as he follows the large cat prints, and Alexander says that they're heading back towards the Anomaly. Jenny asks Harrison how many cats he thinks there are, and he tells her maybe three or four. She nervously fingers the weapon that Alexander supplied her with. The characters emerge into a clearing to find the wreckage of a small campsite, tents and debris strewn over the area. There is no sign of anyone, and Jessica is relieved to hear there are no bodies to be found. As Harrison searches for the prints leading away from the clearing, one of the prehistoric cats launches itself at him from the edge of the woods!

Amanda, David, and the five SAS soldiers continue to traipse through the wood, searching for the cats that they are following. One of the soldiers, Harry Morris, tells the player characters that they are being stalked, and have been for the last thirty-five minutes. Amanda asks David if he thinks they should radio in to the others, but Harry says that the walkie-talkies will make a bit too much noise for the moment, and he'd prefer if they keep sound to the minimum. Amanda and David agree, and the characters continue to move as quietly as they can. As the round a small pair of birch trees, one of the soldiers screams as a giant prehistoric cat leaps on top of him. And Amanda, David, Harry, and the other two soldiers find themselves facing four more very angry large prehistoric cats!

Gaming last night with the Friday night group was good.

The Friday night group continued on with the Primeval RPG campaign they are involved in. This gaming session involved a lot of running, some problem solving, and interaction of a few of the individuals who are going to give the player characters conniption fits over the next little while in the game, leading up to some tumultuous events.

This session marked twenty-six game nights of the Primeval RPG since I started with it back in February, 2011 when playtesting the game for the folks at Cubicle 7</i> and I guess I'm still somewhat surprised at how enjoyable the game is and how easy it is to run this incarnation of the Vortex system. Several of the players commented to me again last night how much fun the game is, how easy the rules make playing the characters, and they still love the Threat game mechanics for beasties and the like.

Already looking forward to next Friday night's game session! :)


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