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Last Night's Gaming Session with Friday Group

The Friday night gaming group played last night, and the game went rather well.

I ran another session of Yggdrasill on the Friday nighters last night, and wrapped up the first scenario of the campaign with them. The game had a little bit of everything going on in it, and the scenario wrapped up in a nice, closed manner.

The players commented that they had a great time, and enjoyed the game system very much, almost as much as the Primeval RPG, finding the mechanics pretty easy to learn. Sure, I've got a couple of House Rules in place, but to be honest, they were needed and make the game smoother to run and the combat system faster. (While a Combat Round would seem simple, characters can take one Primary and multiple Secondary actions, depending, and thus the Rounds can last longer than one expects.)

Overall, the Yggdrasill RPG plays rather well, catches the feel of the game world quite nicely, and has a good rpg feel to it. The Friday nighters were pleased with the running of the first scenario (which I'll blog about when I get a chance to do so), and I'm looking forward to running the game next week.
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