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RIP Gary Gygax

I assume that everyone has heard the news, but for the same of argument I will repeat it here...

Gary Gygax Has Died

The creator of Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax was a man to whom all modern-day roleplayers owe a debt of gratitude. Without this man, there would not be a roleplaying game hobby. Gary Gygax's passing will likely go unnoticed outside of the gaming community and the hobby industry, but his influence has been felt everywhere in all manner of gaming and hobby endeavours.

When D&D came out, I was already in my late teens, and discovered this new hobby called roleplaying games through a good friend, now also passed on, and it changed my life. Gaming has been a joy for me since I discovered it; sure it has had its ups and downs, but for the most part, I would not have traded in the gaming experience for anything. So tonight, I'll take out a pair of D6s (two six sided dice, for you non-gamers) and roll the bones in memory of Gary

Roll in Peace, E. Gary Gygax. You will be missed.
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