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Thoughts on Sunday's Session of Yggdrasill RPG

The Sunday gaming group has left for the day.

Overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon of gaming, though I admit that with the Aleve tablet in me, my head was not glued on all that straight, and there were times during the game when I was somewhat...confused. Befuddled.

The Sunday gamers continued on with the Yggdrasill campaign that they've started. The game session itself went pretty well, and things were quite adequate in terms of play and how the plot went, though as I mentioned I was a bit befuddled at times. (I need to do some research on a couple of elements of the game, to be honest, when I get a chance on Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, just to make sure I've got a couple of things straight.)

I'm not going to talk about the game plot here, you'll have to wait until I blog up the game session entry, but want to comment on a couple of things here. Tammy is playing her character, Dagmar Ivarsdottir, quite well and has definitely got the feel of the Norse setting going (I think she's been doing a bit of research on stuff, too). She has an understanding of the setting, methinks, and is playing her character quite nicely. spross, on the other hand, is struggling with his character. The character/personality he's given Adalstein Ulfarsson is somewhat inconsistent, and there are times I get the feeling that he doesn't know how to play the poor fellow. He set up Adalstein with an Intellect of 1 and an Instinct of 3, but he's not playing the character the way he should be, using lots of big words and logic (it seems) to guide the character, and that's been somewhat jarring for me in the hirdman of that type. I've given him a huge plot to deal with, one that changes the nature of the setting the characters are playing in, but I don't know whether he'll be able to actually handle the plot at all. spross tends to play a passive character, not one who is proactive, and I don't really feel like leading him around in the game. Especially with this plot.

In any event, I had a good afternoon of gaming Yggdrasill with the Sunday players, and am looking forward to the next session.
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