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Personal HammerCon Update

Just thought I'd provide a personal update on the HammerCon stuff that's going on.

The "Peril Beneath the Streets" scenario for the Primeval RPG that I'll be running on Friday night at the convention is already complete, with all the materials ready to go. This one's a home-made scenario for the Primeval RPG that I wrote, and is quite nifty, if I say so myself. Sadly, there's no one registered for the Friday night game of Primeval at all, something that I'm really sad about. So if you're looking for a game to play in on the Friday night of HammerCon, please sign up for this one.

Saturday's mid-afternoon game of the Primeval RPG, "Stranded", was this year's adventure for the game at GenCon 2013. It's all set and ready to go, and the player characters have been (re-)created somewhat. The scenario is set for five (5) player characters, and while the game itself at the convention is full, there is one more slot that can accommodate a sixth player.

Sunday afternoon, I'll be running a scenario for the Yggdrasill RPG at HammerCon called "Mist Over Storforshei". This game is set to accommodate five (5) players but can actually hold a sixth player in it as well. The adventure itself is ready to go, and all that I need to do to finish this one up is to fill in the character sheets for the adventure. This game hasn't been added to the schedule yet, but since pre-registration for games ends on Sunday, it will hopefully be added to the on-line schedule sooner rather than later so that folks who want to get in on the Norse gaming goodness can pre-register for it. I'll put the official blurb for the game session here on the blog as soon as it becomes available.

Hopefully, I'll be seeing some folks in Hamilton for the convention! Looking forward to this, methinks. (Oh, my swollen, hurting ankle.)


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