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Friday Night's Game Session of Yggdrasill

Friday night's gaming session was quite entertaining.

The Friday night gamers continue to play in the Yggdrasill RPG campaign that I'm currently running, and are having a good time with the game.

The players reached a crossroads in their Yggdrasill game last night, though I'm not going to talk about that here. (You'll just have to wait until I blog the game session notes at some point.) What's more important in some ways is that the players are having a good deal of fun with the game, and David commented to me last night that he finds the game mechanics some of the best we've ever played. Kathy noted that she's getting a great deal of pleasure in playing a combat-oriented character in her hirdman, Ingrid Horoldssdottir, and that she's finding the combat system rather "invigorating" once one can get a handle on it.

From a scenario point of view, the adventure is going quite smoothly, and though the players have surprised me a couple of times, I find that I'm rather enjoying their "twists in the path" this time out. It seems as if Yggdrasill is bringing out something new in me from the pov of running the game and creativity, something that I wasn't expecting, but which I'm actually revelling in. I'm finding that the more I run the game, the more I really like Yggdrasill for what it brings to the table.

In the meantime, looking forward to the next Friday night game session.
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