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Out for Part of the Afternoon (and Ankle Thoughts)

Went out to take care of a few things this afternoon, as spross was willing to take a drive into town today.

Started off over at the WIND Mobile store, and paid my bill for the month. (Always an easy process, and learned a few things about the paying for phone calls while on the road between Ottawa and Hamilton. Good prices.)

From there, it was over to Business Depot and doing the photocopies of the various sheets I need for the players for the Yggdrasill and Primeval games that I'll be running at HammerCon at the beginning of November.

Then it was over to Chapters, to see if I could find a 2014 wall calendar that I could use. Found a lovely one of Escher prints. That'll give me something to look at multiple times in a given month and see new things that I've missed in it. Great calendar.

By that time, I'd been out and walking (or with my foot resting on the ground) for a good three hours or so.

The left ankle is extremely sore and very swollen now. I've had an ice pack on it for some time, and it may be a bit better, but the pain is still pretty bad.

Going to hobble into the kitchen now and make some supper...

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go out and do all that walking after all?
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