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Sunday Afternoon Gaming Thoughts

Just finished gaming with the Sunday group about fifteen minutes ago.

The Sunday gaming group continued to play in their Yggdrasill RPG campaign, and seem to have had a pretty good game session of it.

Tammy is doing a pretty good job of playing her character, Dagmar Ivarsdottir, and is rather enjoying getting into her character and dealing with the day-to-day issues of being a volva as well as the basis of the current scenario that they've just started. spross, on the other hand, is struggling somewhat with his character, Adalstein Ulfarsson, for some pretty apparent reasons. He has no grasp on the character's personality, character background, and history, and hasn't really done up a character background as far as I can tell, and is playing the character extremely inconsistently. He knows about this (I've been over it with him the past week or so). Given the character's got this major, campaign-shaking plot going on, he really needs to get his act together for this, or the game will likely fall apart.

As for the adventure itself, the current scenario deals with some of the aftermath and ramifications of spross's main plot, and that part of the game is developing nicely. Tammy's got the sense of social responsibility that goes along with the Norse culture, but the problem is that SteveR's lacking in that respect, and there are several issues of how the two characters are going to function together, if at all, in this situation.

Since I won't be running any games for the next two weeks (stuff going on next weekend, and then the weekend after that is HammerCon), I'll have time to figure out how to proceed with the major plot, and see what I can work out for the smaller plot going on.
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