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Stressed Out Morning

Woke up this morning somewhat sleepless and quite sore.

My left ankle is still swollen and sore, and to be perfectly honest, the pain is starting to radiate up the leg a bit. On top of that, I've done something to my right hip and in the groin area (and no tasteless jokes, please!) and am having a bad modicum of pain in the right leg now, and in the upper inside thigh as well. Am I cursed or what?

Work is going as work usually does. I've gone in to the office the latter end of last week and the front end of this week, as since I'm supposed to go to Hamilton for HammerCon this weekend (leaving on Thursday), I figured it would be a good thing to do.

In the meantime, the work for the two Primeval and one Yggdrasill scenarios that I'm going to run at HammerCon has been finished for some time, so I don't have any worries on that score, other than making sure I take all the game materials I need to run the convention scenarios. (Assuming I get any players and all that.)
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