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Snow and Hockey, Blues

Got up this morning to learn that the Ottawa Senators lost to the Los Angeles Kings, the worst team in hockey right now, by a score of 2-0. Martin Gerber was brilliant in goal, apparently, but his teammates just couldn't get the puck into the Kings' net. A familiar story on this road trip, and over the last little while. What is going on with this hockey team? Brian Murray's return behind the bench was hailed as the step towards revitalizing the team and giving them the boost in the arm that they needed. Granted the road trip to the West Coast is never easy for teams from the East, but this is getting ridiculous. Mired in fifth place in the conference, only 4 points ahead of Boston in the division, this is a Senators team that is in deep trouble.

Speaking of deep trouble, the city of Ottawa is still digging itself out of the winter storm from a couple of days ago that dropped 28 cms. of snow on the city (but felt like a heck of a lot more), and is now gearing up for the next storm which will begin later today, and will drop somewhere around 45 cms. more snow on us. If this accumulation does happen, for those interested in the U.S., that's going to be a total of around 29 inches of snow in just four days, with 2 days off from each of the dumpings. That's a heck of a lot of snow.

I'm supposed to run the Hollow Earth Expedition demo tomorrow at the Comic Book Shoppe, but I am thinking that it'll have to be postponed until next week, the 15th of March, and so will likely make arrangements for that later today, once I see the snow start to fall.

However, it's a beautiful day to this point. Woke up for work this morning with lots of sunshine and all, and when I went in to work, it was about -80C, cloud here and there, and just a lovely, March winter day. That said, I'm glad that I don't live downtown and have to park on the city streets overnight, as the city has been desperately trying to get rid of all the snow on the city's main streets, and so hauled lots of cars out of the way while they cleaned up and all that stuff.
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