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Worst Chinese Meal Ever

spross and I went over to dinner at Lai Lai's for Chinese food last night, after getting back from HammerCon.

One of the worst meals I've ever eaten in a long time. I wanted to go to Brother Wu's, but it was closed.

We ordered won ton soup, pot stickers, moo she chicken, honey and garlic spareribs, and beef with Chinese greens. All of the dishes came within minutes of each ohter, were stone cold, and had no serving utensils with them. To make matters worse, the dishes were unappetizing in the extreme in ways that I won't even try to describe here.

Sure, the fellow serving the food was having to deal with lots of customers, but that's no reason for such poor service. Or poor food.

If you enjoy Chinese food, don't eat at Lai Lai, eat somewhere else.
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