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Another Afternoon of Pandemic

Had a pretty good afternoon today.

spross dropped by and we played some Pandemic. 2-player games, of course.

Here are some notes on each game, with a photo or two. Then some final thoughts. I've put most of the journal entry behind a cut for length, and because some folks who might be reading this blog just don't care about game session play.

Game One
In the first game of Pandemic, I drew the role of Contingency Planner, and SteveR ended up with the Operations Expert.


As you can see above, we started out with a pretty bad situation in Europe and the Orient. An outbreak occurred on Turn 2 in Montreal, but we managed to cure the blue disease on Turn 4 and the yellow disease on Turn 6, though we were still facing problems in the Orient. Our second outbreak occurred in Washington on Turn 9 that triggered a cascade of outbreaks in New York, Montreal, and Atlanta. As you can see from the photo below, we lost the game because there were no blue cubes left to put on the board. Nuts!


Game Two
The second game started out with me taking on the role of the Researcher. spross got the Operations Expert. Again.

We started off with the blue disease in Europe and the yellow disease starting up in South America. By the end of Turn 3 (as seen below), there were too many little spots with 1 disease cube in them. Europe and the Orient were both quite troublesome.


On Turn 8, we managed to cure both the red and black diseases but by Turn 12, the blue disease was running rampant in the northern parts of North America and Europe. However, we managed to eradicatte the red disease on Turn 11. On my part of Turn 13 we cured the yellow disease, and spross cured the blue disease on his part of the turn to give us the win. (Photo below.) Yay! :)


The main reason for the win is because I played the Researcher this game, and the Role is quite useful in moving Player cards around and the like. Helps when you need to get 5 card sets to cure diseases. :)

Game Three

This game looked like it would get off to a bad start. I drew the Dispatcher role, and spross was lucky enough to get the Researcher. However, the initial diseases placement (see photo) looked like it was going to kill the Orient in one go.


On Turn 7, we managed to cure both the red and blue diseases with the help of the Researcher. At the end of Turn 12, the yellow disease was cured. But we were still in trouble since the blue disease was wreaking havoc in North America and Europe. The yellow disease in Africa was pretty bad as well. However, we managed to get a surprise win on Turn 15 in this one when a lucky move allowed us to cure the last of the diseases.


I have to say that I really like the way the Pandemic game plays on this board. I had the original game as well, but have to say the background colours and style on the new board makes things a lot clearer when one is playing, with the darker colours being quite atmospheric for the game. Yes, there are seven (7) Roles to choose from now, rather than five (5) from the previous version of the main game, and there's some interesting variation to the mix.

There are also some minor revisions to the game rules, a few clarifications here and there as well, and some other basic modifications that make the game better. One of the things that screws things up somewhat is that even when a disease has been cured, the disease can still spread through the Infection cards and the Epidemic card, unless the disease has been Eradicated. This makes things...interesting at times, as spross and I found out. The new Quarantine Specialist role is very useful in this regard.

Overall, I had a good afternoon of gaming, and while I'm still feeling sick somewhat, it was a pleasant few hours in which I got to forget about stuff.


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Nov. 11th, 2013 05:09 pm (UTC)
I recently bought that edition of Pandemic and I quite like the game. I just haven't played it enough.

Now if you look at Forbidden Island and Desert Island, but the same author, you find really similar game mechanics - they are by the same author after all.
Nov. 12th, 2013 01:47 pm (UTC)
I've played quite a bit of the original Pandemic, but the games I played on Friday night and Sunday afternoon were the first I've done with the new edition. Some interesting changes to the game. Still love the game.

I had looked at both Forbidden Island and Desert Island, and while I liked the two games, I haven't boought them. Not enough room left in the gaming cupboard for board games.
Nov. 12th, 2013 06:59 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure of the differences with the previous version of Pandemic. I also have the new edition.
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