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Reads for February Thoughts

I am disappointed. February was not a good month for me reading-wise.

While I did manage to read five books in February, I had thought that I was going to get in more reading than that, but of course, I ended up with a busy month from a roleplaying point of view. Getting the playtests in of "The Pyramid of Doom" for the Hollow Earth Expedition rpg and the final writing up of that scenario took a lot more time than I anticipated, and there was also the work on the Unhallowed Metropolis PBeM game and the convention scenario for that which took up a lot of time in the month.

Regardless, I did manage to read 5 books, 1 roleplaying game product, 1 magazine (Locus, of course), and 23 comics (including the run of the Neverwhere comics adaptations from DC's Vertigo line. I enjoyed the two Roman mysteries that I read, The Accusers by Lindsey Davis and I, Claudia by Marilyn Todd, the first book in that series, and the two Jack McDevitt books, Moonfall and Infinity Beach, that I read, but to be honest, it was a slow reading month.

Unfortunately, I don't see March or April being any different in this regard, because I've just got too much other stuff in the pipeline for these two months. Of course, things may turn out different and all, but that remains to be seen.
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