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Post-Doctor Appointment

Just got home from the doctor's office, by way of the pharmacy.

The doctor checked me out, and after a cursory examination (he listened to my chest, but didn't check my ears or look down my throat, and took my blood pressure (normal, as usual)) declared that I've got a case of bronchitis. He gave me a prescription for a 5-day run of Zithromax, and told me to take Tylenol as needed and just take it easy for several more days.

He also examined my two legs, and decided that it's possible that the swelling of my left ankle area is due to the neuropathy associated with the diabetes, though he's not sure. He doesn't want to refer me to a rheumatologist, as he feels there's no need, so for now I will just have to deal with the ankle swelling and pain as best I can.

I dropped off at the pharmacy on the way home, and picked up the antibiotic, and have already taken the two pills for the first day's dose.

See how I feel in the morning.
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