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A Bad Boy for John Carter (and Dejah, of course)

Today, I was a bad boy.

Ever since I was a relatively young kid reading the books of Edgar Rice Burroughs, I had been a fan of his works. While I liked the Tarzan and the Pellucidar books, I've been a tremendous fan of the John Carter of Mars series of books. I've gone through at least six different editions of the books, and have always wanted to get copies that would last a while, but don't want to buy them in hardcover due to the price.

However, today, I got a message from Amazon about the series of books, and the like here, for this wonderful version of the books, and I could not resist picking up the series again in this format. So I've ordered the first four volumes in the series once again, and am looking forward to this. :)

It's been quite some time since I read the series. (Heck, other than a teacher and one of my fellow students back in school in those days, one of my first crushes was on Dejah Thoris!) :)

Looking forward to reading them again! :)
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